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Satellites, space vehicles and aircraft

We accelerate aerospace innovation

Providing solutions for operating systems for satellites, space vehicles and aircraft, in addition to “Ground Segment” related systems.

The aerospace industry is characterised by being a strategic sector of great importance to the world economy. In an increasingly globalised context, this sector has significant investments in technological development as a result of the strict criticality of its operations. Although growth expectations are favourable, the aerospace sector is constantly facing new challenges, which in turn represent opportunities.

From our vision, technological innovation plays a fundamental role to implement secure, convergent and high added value tools, set up for improving design, competitiveness and production costs. In terms of infrastructure, technological changes likewise involve the use of new tools such as nanotechnology, robotics for process automation, Big data, Virtual Reality, among others, which reinforce the development of this industry as we know it today.

Currently, aerospace sector revenues are mainly from the manufacture of satellites to observe the earth and from the launch of vehicles used to position these loads into orbit.

Our experience:

Solutions for projects in the aerospace sector

Design and development of satellite communications equipment.

Design and development of air traffic systems.

Design and development of satellite control systems.

Design and development of aerospace mechanism integration systems.

Design and development of GNSS systems and equipment.

Design, development and integration of the Galileo Ground Segment.

Systems engineering for AOCs and CNG.

Systems engineering for optical instruments on board satellite platforms.

Product Assurance, Safety and RAMS analysis.

Our projects

Tactical Trajectory Module (TTM)

The project aims to develop, manage requirements and test the conflict alert system for the Tactical Trajectory Module (TTM), framed within the functionalities of Air Traffic Management (ATM), which constitute...

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WHT: WEAVE Focus Translation System

The project aims to develop and deliver the Primary Focus Correction System (PFC) for WEAVE, the new wide-field multi-object spectrometer (MOS) proposed for the primary focus of the 4.2m William...

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Instrumento ISSIS para el WSO-UV

ISSIS instrument for WSO-UV

The project aims to develop and deliver the Imaging and Slitless Spectroscopy Instrument for Surveys (ISSIS) for the World Space Observatory / Ultra Violet (WSO / UV), a mission that...

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Desarrollo tecnológico en la sociedad

CLIN instrument for Co2M

The project aims to develop, verify and configure the CLIM optical instrument, created by the European Space Agency (ESA) to support the Co2M mission, which has as its main function...

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