This Cookies Policy is an integral part of the Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy of the Website (hereinafter, the “Website”). Access and navigation on the Website, or the use of its services, imply acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth in the Conditions of Use and in the Data Privacy Policy. In order to facilitate navigation through the Website, Ad Maiorem Consulting Services S.L. (hereinafter, “Ad Maiorem”) with address in Ronda de Poniente 2, building 2, Office F, Tres Cantos, 28760, Madrid, Spain, with NIF B84732171, in compliance with the provisions of article 22.2 of Law 34 / 2002 of Information Society Services (LSSI), informs you that it uses Cookies or other files of similar functionality (hereinafter, the "Cookies"). In this sense and with the objective of guaranteeing the user all the information necessary for its correct navigation, we make available to the user the following informative text about what Cookies are, what type of Cookies exist on our Website and how it is possible to configure them or disable them.

A cookie can be defined as a small text file or general purpose device that is downloaded to the user's terminal (computer, smartphone, table or other similar) when browsing the web pages for the purpose of store data that can be updated and retrieved by the entity responsible for its installation to improve navigation and user experience.

This Website has its own and third party Cookies. Currently, all web pages, regardless of the service they provide, use Cookies. Depending on the objective of these, they are classified as:

According to the entity that manages them:
Own cookies: Cookies are created and managed directly by the company that manages the website. These cookies are sent directly to the terminal equipment (computer, smartphone, table or other similar) of the user from a computer or domain managed by the website editor itself.
Third party cookies: Cookies are created and managed by another entity than the website visited . They are associated with events, images or advertising elements from other domains.

According to the time they remain activated:
Session cookies: they are short cookies with limited expiration until the user decides to close the tab, browser / app or session. Its function is to collect and store data while the user is browsing the Web.
Persistent cookies: Cookies with a functionality opposite to the session. This type of Cookies remain stored on the computer for a longer time, even after the session (they can be stored for hours, months or years) .

According to its purpose:
Analysis cookies: these are Cookies that can be treated either by the owner of the site , or by third parties. They quantify the number of users to perform the measurement and statistical analysis of the use made by the users of the service offered.
Functional or system cookies: These are cookies that help the user to have a better experience of browsing the Website. These cookies allow you to configure the Website to be displayed in a certain way according to the preferences of the users, such as the language or the design of the contents.
Advertising cookies: These are cookies that allow the effective management of the advertising spaces that are have included in a Web Page, application or platform from which it provides the requested service based on criteria such as the edited content or the frequency in which the advertisements are displayed.
Social cookies: these are necessary Cookies for external social networks (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.). Its functionality is to control the interaction with social widgets within the Website.


_gaAnalysis cookies - Own and third partyDefine the Google Analytics user2 years
_gatAnalysis cookies - Own and third partyLimit requests for sites with high traffic Google Analytics10 minutes
Analysis cookies - Own and third party
Define the Google Analytics user1 day
[VALOR DINÁMICO PLUS ATS0]Functional or system cookies - Third partyFunctional dynamic cookie of PlusATS6 months
[VALOR PLUS ATS1]Functional or system cookies - Third partyFunctional dynamic cookie of PlusATS6 months
[VALOR PLUS ATS2]Functional or system cookies - Third partyFunctional dynamic cookie of PlusATS6 months
__RequestVerificationTokenFunctional or system cookies - Third partyContains an identity verification token for the ATS Plus Platform1 session
__tawkuuidFunctional or system cookies - Third partyContains an encrypted Token for the PlusATS platform35 days
ASP.NET_SessionIdFunctional or system cookies - Third partyContains the session ID on the PlusATS job vacancy platform1 session
pll_languageFunctional or system cookies - OwnSave the selected language on our website1 year

For the most part, a terminal device (computer, smartphone, table or similar) accepts the use of Cookies automatically. However, the user has the possibility to decide whether or not to keep Cookies enabled. The fact of disabling Cookies may imply the loss of an optimal functioning of the Website, being disabled some of the features or services provided by it. However, even having deactivated all Cookies, the Web browser collects certain information essential for the basic operation of the Website.
The user who wants to disable Cookies can do so from the preferences section of his Internet browser. Depending on the browser you must follow certain steps to modify the configuration of Cookies on your computer:

  • Chrome:
  • Internet Explorer:
  • Microsoft Edge:
  • Mozilla Firefox:
  • Opera:
  • Safari IOS (iPhone, iPad):
  • Safari: