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Technological change and overall growth

New technological trends which require continuous innovation

At Ad Maiorem, having available innovative solutions for digitisation and energy transition in the hydrocarbons sector, which are required to address the entire value chain in Oil&Gas sector projects such as automation systems, fibre optics, artificial intelligence, Big Data, among others, providing these with a technological evolution landscape.

The Oil&Gas sector focuses its activities on the processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transportation and marketing of petroleum products. The evolution of energy demand and price prospects are changing this industry. The main products obtained are Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), gasoline (Naphtha), fuel for ships, Diesel (Diesel Fuel), lubricating oils, among others.  Furthermore, serving as raw material for a myriad of products which we use today. It is an essential sector for several industries and accounts for a great part of overall energy consumption.

Due to its activity, this sector set asides a significant part of its investment in innovation to technological tools in charge of reducing potential errors and, accordingly, increasing its industrial safety.  In this regard, our experience focuses on implementing actions in order to improve the energy transition and adaptation to climate change in various settings, for the purposes of making each of the project processes efficient and mitigating the consequences of climate change.

The dynamic nature of Oil & Gas markets implies the sustained creation of new opportunities, being a sector which uses innovation to improve efficiency and to stay ahead of consumer preferences

Our experience:

Solutions for projects in the oil&gas sector

Design of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and fire fighting systems.

Rotating and/or static equipment design and calculations.

Cost estimation in the tender phase and construction cost control.

Planning engineering in the design, construction and start-up phase of Oil & Gas plants.

Quality assurance, RAMS & risk analysis esp. HAZOP, FMEA etc.).

Our projects

Tactical Trajectory Module (TTM)

The project aims to develop, manage requirements and test the conflict alert system for the Tactical Trajectory Module (TTM), framed within the functionalities of Air Traffic Management (ATM), which constitute...

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SCI-CC-A: railway communication protocol

The purpose of the project is to design and develop a Standard Protocol (SCI-CC-A) promoted by ADIF (Administrator of Railway Infrastructures of Spain) for communications between the Centralized Traffic Control...

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CTC of El Berrón, Cantabria, in Spain

The Spanish administrator of railway infrastructures (ADIF), has ordered the renovation of the software system of the Centralized Traffic Centre (CTC) of the command posts of El Berrón, in Cantabria....

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WHT: WEAVE Focus Translation System

The project aims to develop and deliver the Primary Focus Correction System (PFC) for WEAVE, the new wide-field multi-object spectrometer (MOS) proposed for the primary focus of the 4.2m William...

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New NAVI MUMBAI metro in India

The Navi Mumbai Metro is the new rapid transit system for the Indian city of Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. This work is supervised by the Corporation for the Development of the...

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