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October 19, 2020

Communications configuration file of a SCOM unit

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The project focuses on the data preparation environment (DPE) and the development of an automatic file generator program for the configuration of communication protocols for equipment with SCOM (Control and Maintenance Communication Server).

SCOM is based on commercial hardware of the industrial PC type to perform the interface functions between the interlocks and the different operation, maintenance and diagnostic systems. It can also act as a timing master for the interlocks and act as a system alarm and event recorder. It also performs functions with integrity levels SIL 0 and SIL 2, according to CENELEC standards, in industrial PC-type equipment. SCOM hardware consists of two industrial computers in a redundant "hot standby" configuration to improve server availability. Specifically, this equipment connects with the interlocking equipment, collects data and sends it to other terminals that perform operation and maintenance tasks, in order to carry out a "translation" of the language of each equipment, allowing them to communicate.

With respect to the file, it is in charge of managing an information package with the communication data used by each of the equipment such as protocols, network configuration, commands and attributes, among others. Likewise, it has reference information such as the name of the equipment, types and number of connections, port numbers, IP address, and information on the protocols that imply different levels of security, redundancy, transport, application level, to name among the most outstanding.

Technical guide:
Project type: Railway.
Ad Maiorem participation: railway systems verification and validation.
Location: Madrid, Spain.
Year: 2020.
Relevant technology:
- Apache Maven
- Eclipse
- Jenkins
- Subversion
- TortoiseSVN
- Java
- CENELEC - EN 50128 - Railway Applications. Communication, signaling and processing systems. Software for railway control and protection systems.
- Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2).

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