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October 13, 2020

Railway data preparation and automation

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Our management covers the automation and preparation of the data necessary for the definition, integration, configuration and commissioning of equipment and systems that integrate the architecture of the tracks and railway stations of the metro, railways and trams, specifically the interlocks and the Centralized Traffic Centers. Control (CTC). The service extends to the Mediterranean corridor (Nudo La Encina-Xàtiva-Valencia section), the new electronic interlocking of the Madrid-Vicálvaro freight railway terminal, the central railway of Uruguay, and the electronic interlocking of the Slovenian tram, to name among the more importants:

• Mediterranean corridor (La Encina-Xàtiva-Valencia Nudo section):

The execution of this project represents one of the largest investments made by ADIF (Administrator of Railway Infrastructure) in terms of safety in recent years. It includes the conservation and maintenance of interconnected facilities; train protection systems; Centralized traffic control; auxiliary detection systems; the power supply system; fixed and mobile telecommunications in the 116 km section; and protection and security facilities.

• New electronic interlock for the Madrid-Vicálvaro freight rail terminal:

ADIF (Administrator of Railway Infrastructures), has requested the execution of works on four new tracks, suitable for the reception and dispatch of 750 m trains, and a new electronic interlock for this freight terminal. The objective is to modify the functionality of this regulation and classification station, which will become a facility for the loading and unloading of Intermodal Transport Units (ITU).

• Central Railway of Uruguay:

This project encompasses the design, manufacture, installation, testing and start-up of all the signaling and communication systems of a railway that has traveled almost 276 km and connects the city of Paso de Toros with the port of Montevideo. The implementation of the ERMTS L1 system, a Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) system and new electronic interlocks are planned. The system is contemplated to allow the circulation of freight trains between both cities, in addition to a 36 km mixed section in the metropolitan area of ​​Montevideo (capital city), for the transport of passengers.

• Electronic interlocking for the Slovenian tram:

This project aims to rehabilitate the security and signaling systems between the Zidani Most and Sentilj stations on the Slovenian border with Austria. The project will carry out the design, installation, testing and commissioning tasks of the signaling systems and equipment, replacing the old ISKRA relay interlocks with the latest generation electronic interlocks.

Technical guide:
Project type: Railway.
Ad Maiorem participation: railway systems verification and validation.
Location: Madrid, Spain.
Year: 2020.
Relevant technology:
- Jenkins
- Oracle Database
- Oracle SQL Developer
- PostgreSQL
- Red Hat
- Script
- Subversion
- Python
- S.O CentOS
- CENELEC - EN 50126-1 - Railway Applications. The Specification and Demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS). Part 1: Generic RAMS processes.
- CENELEC - EN 50128 - Railway Applications. Communication, signaling and processing systems. Software for railway control and protection systems.

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