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September 28, 2020

Interview with Silvia Huerta

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Silvia Huerta is characterized by being a person with key objectives and goals achieved. Empathic, committed to happiness and passionate about music, are some of the traits that define her as a person. Learn more about our Talent Acquisition Leader in this interview in which she lets us see her “B-side”, and what it means to be part of Ad Maiorem.

1. Who are you? Defend yourself.

I am a very sociable person, I enjoy being in contact with other people, although I attach great importance to my inner world and the time I dedicate myself. The values ​​that best represent me are empathy, commitment, responsibility and perseverance. Thanks to them I have achieved many of the goals that I have been setting myself throughout my life, although for me the most important objective that a person has throughout their entire journey is happiness.

2. Interests, likes, activities, personal hobbies?

Since I was a child I have really liked movies and music. They are two hobbies that my parents have instilled in me and that we have always enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) as a family. In particular, I love rock music in all its aspects, I value and admire the great and unrepeatable legends that this genre has given us, I try to take advantage of the few occasions we have to see some of them live. In addition, I also enjoy playing the saxophone, I love reading, learning new things, enjoying nature and, most of all, spending time with my friends.

3. What work do you do at Ad Maiorem? What do you like most about what you do in your day to day?

I am part of the selection team, where I have learned a lot over the years. What I like the most is the human part of my work, being in contact with so many people and above all the possibility of being able to make a change for the better in their lives by helping them pursue their goals and dreams, is something that I am very proud of. Every time some of the people I have contacted to offer them a job opportunity and finally accept, tell me that it has been a good choice in their life, it makes me immensely happy.

4. Where do you plan your professional career at Ad Maiorem? What are your goals?

I would like to continue deepening my work. The selection of personnel in engineering allows us to be continually aware of new technologies and new advances that are occurring worldwide. I never would have imagined learning so much about railway signaling or the world of Big Data, for example. Fortunately, Ad Maiorem provides us with an environment that allows us to enrich our work every day.

5. What do you value most about Ad Maiorem? Are you happy with the work you do in the company?

I highly value the continuous possibility of learning and being able to do it in a good work environment. Ad Maiorem we have great professionals and, luckily, each one of us brings different qualities from which we can learn. This aspect certainly contributes to my happiness.

6. What do you expect from your work team?

Continue growing together by contributing our grain of sand so that Ad Maiorem becomes bigger and bigger. I also hope that there is always a good working environment that we have to help and support each other.

7. What qualities define you? And the areas for improvement? How do you reinforce both?

I am a very flexible person, I usually adapt well to different people and situations, both work and personal. Also, as I have said before, I have a very ingrained sense of commitment to what I do and empathy, responsibility and perseverance also define me. Other qualities that I put into practice and that I have developed a lot are self-motivation and tolerance for frustration, two fundamental aspects in the Selection. I would like to be more orderly and have more openness to change. To combat it, I try to follow the procedures and not postpone the tasks, in addition to having a more open and receptive mind towards new proposals, since they can bring great benefits.

8. What is your personal brand? How would you like your peers to see you?

I am a person capable of generating a good atmosphere with my colleagues and a good connection with the candidates from the first moment. I try to make them feel as comfortable as possible and to be seen by a trustworthy person. They usually comment to me and it is something that makes me very happy. I would like them to perceive that I foster spaces to emphasize good relationships and that I am accessible to help in whatever is necessary.

9. What does leadership mean to you? What are the characteristics of the Ad Maiorem leader?

For me, leadership is the possibility of being able to influence others by accompanying them in the process. I think it is something innate, I do not think it is something that can be learned and I also believe that there are different types of leadership depending on the personality.

10. What have you learned lately to strengthen your personal leadership?

Each person is different and has motivations and interests. To reach each one it is important to know what they are and what moves them. This is my main goal when I enter a relationship with another person.

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From my experience working at Ad Maiorem gives me the opportunity to train as a professional in many aspects, but it also gives me the opportunity to grow as a person. Over the years I have seen how in both aspects I have evolved and it is something for which I am very grateful.

I send my regards to all of you, thank you very much for reading me.

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