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September 21, 2020

Interview with Cristina Puente

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Cristina Puente is one of those trained professionals, who focuses all her potential on providing good service to achieve good results. She is part of our Talent Acquisition team, and her role is focused on the search for technological profiles to fill interesting positions in large international projects. In this interview she tells us about herself, her work and what Ad Maiorem means in her personal and professional life.

1. Who are you? Defend yourself.

I consider myself a person with concerns in different areas and eager to learn to improve day by day. I am an organized person with a vision of the future, who cares very much that ideas are always clear when carrying out any activity.

2. Interests, likes, activities, personal hobbies?

I really like live music and other artistic aspects such as drawing, sculpture, crafts, etc. I like to learn from all of them, but I mainly do drawing techniques for "Nail Art", which basically tries to make very small drawings on nails. I also like to sing and I am learning to play the drums on my own, although I think that to accompany the voice it would be more convenient for me to learn piano, ha ha ha ...

3. What work do you do at Ad Maiorem? What do you like most about what you do in your day to day?

At Ad Maiorem I am dedicated to the personnel selection part, contacting various types of engineering profiles and performing all the corresponding tasks until hiring. What I like the most is interviewing candidates and, in general, getting in touch with them; I always learn a lot from what they tell me.

4. What other features would you like or could bring?

I would like to contribute ideas and actions that help to further strengthen the communication and organization of the team, always from the work I do as a recruiter for Ad Maiorem.

5. What do you value most about Ad Maiorem?

From Ad Maiorem I really value the good environment in which we work, the understanding and the desire that is put into improving the processes, at the end of that it is about doing our work better every day to be as comfortable as possible and offer the best service to get good results.

6. What are the strengths that define you as a person?

I am a very organized person. I like teamwork and having the assurance that I can count on all the team members, even if they are from other departments. This gives me peace of mind that everything will be fine. I am always attentive to everything so that not a single detail escapes us, even if we are not perfect and there will always be times when this premise cannot be fulfilled.

7. Have you identified your areas for improvement? What are they and how do you manage them?

We always have things to improve, and I am happy to see that in the almost three years that I have been at Ad Maiorem I have managed to overcome barriers that seemed very far away in a very short time. I have strengthened my active listening, which allows me to understand more precisely what the needs of my candidates are, and also assertive communication, to present my ideas with greater objectivity and generate positive relationships with my team. With enthusiasm and perseverance many things are achieved. Even so, there are still many areas of personal and professional improvement that I try to identify and work on, listening to my colleagues and observing all the time.

8. What is your personal brand? How would you like your colleagues to see you?

I would define myself as an orderly and methodical person, although in a fairly flexible way. For me it is important to show myself as I am and always put respect before all my colleagues. I would like you to see me as a partner who will help you in everything you need and who will always try to work at ease and with the security of supporting each other.

9. What have you learned lately to strengthen your leadership?

I have learned, among many other things, that to exercise leadership it is not necessary to exert pressure, but rather to accompany the other person in favor of their development, making them see that they are not alone and that I am at their disposal for whatever it is. need. For example, many times we ask candidates for extra effort when we carry out a process, and, at the end of it, they thank us very much for being involved, helping them with everything they need and encouraging them to improve at all times.

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I am very happy to be able to work in a company like Ad Maiorem, with some wonderful colleagues who allow the working environment to be optimal and where there is enthusiasm to improve day by day. I am very fortunate to have a team that listens to you, understands you and takes each of us into account, in short, an environment in which we learn from everything and for everyone every day. In addition, it is very comforting for me to know that thanks to my work many people find new job opportunities that allow them to grow and develop in engineering environments that are so interesting and innovative for everyone.

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