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September 1, 2020

Development of Tracking Radar for SACTA

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The Automated Air Traffic Control System (SACTA) is a system managed by ENAIRE, a provider of air navigation services and aeronautical information in Spain, which is in charge of managing national air traffic.

SACTA facilitates the provision of ATS (Air Traffic Service) services and integrates all the route, approach and aerodrome control centers in the country. It operates seamlessly between all control units and provides consistent data that ensures the management of air traffic controllers is safe and coordinated. Likewise, at an international level, the system allows automatic communication with foreign control centers, integrating with the systems of NATS (United Kingdom), AVINOR (Norway), PANSA (Polinia), ROMATSA (Romania), DFS (Germany), LVNL (Holland), ON (Lithuania) or EUROCONTROL (MUAC), within the iTEC ecosystem, seeking homogenization and common treatment and exchange of data across borders.

Among the main functions of SACTA is the processing of radar information to carry out aircraft identification and tracking functions and maintain air traffic separation. In this sense, our participation is focused on the development of a software system that monitors the signals of the surveillance stations type PSR, SSR, Mode S, WAM and ADS-B, in order to optimize the monitoring of air traffic in real time, in addition to managing Safety Nets, in charge of avoiding air conflicts or incursions into restricted access areas. All this as part of the final objective of the system, which is none other than the evolution and adaptation towards a single European space and towards an increase in the volume of aircraft in the sky and the improvement in the advance prediction of the trajectories, optimizing the separation of these, reducing delays and maintaining current security regulations. The system in turn provides for the solution of incidents and the implementation of improvements and new functionalities in accordance with the specific requirements indicated by ENAIRE.

Technical guide:
Project type: Aerospace
Ad Maiorem participation: design and development of air traffic systems.
Location: Gijón, Spain. Year: 2020.
Relevant technology:
- Combined development environment MobaXterm, tmux, Vim, Z shell (zsh) - IBM Rational Change
- IBM Rational DOORS
- Jenkins
- Red Hat
- C ++
- Java
- All Purpose Structured Eurocontrol Surveillance Information Exchange (ASTERIX).
- EuroCAE ED-109A (RTCA / DO-278A) - Software Integrity Assurance. Considerations for Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (CNS / ATM) Systems.

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