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July 28, 2020

Why work in technology?

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If you are interested in developing professionally in technology, it is necessary that you read this article where we mention some of the main advantages of working in this industry. At Ad Maiorem we inform you about the benefits of working on technological innovation projects for important sectors of this market. We currently have more than 150 projects in the Aerospace, Defense, Railway, Industrial, Telecommunications and Oil & Gas sectors, a consolidated experience of 14 years, three locations in Europe and a constantly developing human team, which works to fulfill each of the goals that we set for ourselves as an organization.

Here are some reasons to work in technology:

1. It is one of the industries with the best remuneration worldwide:
Being an industry that revolves around its own development, the resources that companies allocate to research and development are considerably high and are reflected in their income statement. It is not a secret that for many businesses investing in technology is the safest bet to guarantee the achievement of their business objectives. In this sense, the budget they allocate to cover the salaries of their technological professionals is quite generous, being 24% higher than the average, with almost 30,000 euros per year.

2. High professional demand:
It is one of the sectors with the greatest supply of qualified positions, but also with the greatest labor competitiveness. A professional who is developed in technology is hardly unemployed. If you excel at your job, you are surely receiving countless job relocation offers with interesting benefits.

3. The quality of its professionals:
Being an industry transversal to the turn of any business sector, it surrounds itself with multidisciplinary professionals, with highly variable skills, capable of enriching the network of contacts of any professional. In our case, we have more than 100 collaborators specialized in civil, aerospace, computer and telecommunications engineering, mainly, who develop technology projects with global impact.

4. A large market of opportunities to develop yourself:
The options are endless, ranging from directing projects to specializing in various disruptive and high-demand tools. We are facing an environment in which constant learning and training are the key to professional success. New technological tools are constantly appearing that one can venture into, making this a very important reason to develop in this field.

5. Personal and professional rewards:
There is nothing more satisfying than seeing something that you yourself developed or programmed work. See how people find it useful and make it part of their lives. The reward cannot be measured in any way and it will always be rewarding.

If this is your purpose, do not stay out, we have a space for personal and professional development waiting for you, unbeatable conditions and great benefits for you to take your professional purpose to the next step. Join our team.

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