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July 20, 2020

In Ad Maiorem we bet on meritocracy

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From the first day of our activities, we were very clear that, in the process of searching for our human team, the drive for meritocracy, development and professional growth would be the edges that characterize our way of managing people. An environment that we have cared for and that today allows us to have a culture of success and innovation, with which we respond to important international technology projects.

We understand meritocracy as one of our principles. We promote the talent of our employees in accordance with the performance that each one shows in achieving their work and the objectives they achieve.

We are interested in each member of our team being linked to the company's strategies, this being a very important mechanism for exchanging knowledge and experiences, in which we can all contribute to achieving our objectives. In this way we promote a global vision of the business that commits us to give the best of each one of us in the various projects we develop. At Ad Maiorem we promote shared, multidisciplinary and results-focused work, and the possibility of making your professional experience an international experience.

We have a fairly rigorous selection process, this allows us to identify the qualities and skills of each of the team members, and prepare them to face new challenges. It is precisely our concept of meritocracy that gives us the security of exercising our management with equal opportunities, focused on our primary objective of being a space in which once linked, we can only hope for the development and professionalization of the team. Today we have more than 100 technology professionals, led by an executive staff made up mostly of women (56%) and men (44%).

Do not stay out of our team, we have a space for you to develop your experience and personal and professional capacities. Join Ad Maiorem and discover all the advantages of working in the exciting world of technology.

We will wait for you.

Ad Maiorem Consulting
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We will wait for you.

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