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June 16, 2020

Lifelong Learning: a constant exercise

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The Lifelong Learning is a recent term that refers to elective and voluntary education that a person decides to pursue throughout her life and that is carried out along with her professional training. This term encompasses all existing learning edges, being a means to expand knowledge and training horizons in order to improve personal, civic-social and employability skills.

With respect to traditional educational training, with a relative need for updating, in which specific knowledge supports the achievement of personal and professional objectives, Lifelong Learning provides an answer to the training immediacy to which we are exposed today: an ever-changing globalized environment, where information multiplies exponentially, travels and updates faster and faster providing a universe of self-training possibilities on various topics that could be of interest to each of us.

In this sense, Lifelong Learning extends beyond university training, becoming a new educational paradigm that invites learning throughout life, adjusting knowledge and skills according to the diverse demands and conjunctures of the labor market. Its goal is focused on continuous personal improvement and is promoted through the motivation of the interested party, who, according to their areas of interest, chooses areas of improvement to develop for their own benefit.

Currently we have various training tools throughout our professional and personal activities, which we break down into five main ones:

1. Formal: programs with an agenda defined as university courses, diplomas, masters, specializations.

2. Self-directed: programs in which the interested party has control of her address such as online courses, workshops or tutorials.

3. Professionals: actions that help us train and develop various skills and knowledge regarding a trade or work activity such as leadership, teamwork, conflict management, project management, among others.

4. Personal: intrinsically linked to the person's interest in obtaining extra-labor and student skills for a personal hobby or attachment.

5. Indirect: managed from personal relationships, conversations, debates, trips, among others that encompass the human experience.

At Ad Maiorem, we have training policies that ensure that our team participates in continuous training processes in hard & soft skills, ideal for channeling and directing their experience and knowledge in technology and innovation, strengthening personal relationships within our work environment.

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