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May 18, 2020

Core Evolution: ticketing for the Kuala Lumpur metro in Malaysia

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The project aims to manage the development environments of the Control Center (CC) and Station Controller (SC) for the new version of the Core Evolution, the ticketing system of the Kuala Lumpur metro, in Malaysia.

The Core Evolution (formerly Core 2), is in charge of managing the operations carried out with the various field teams involved in the operation of a metro system such as ticket vending machines, access control, devices and validation terminals. portable - PDA, among others. It is divided into modules, each one in charge of a specific function:

1. Generation of configuration packages for field equipment, provided for updating data and information to the user.

2. Monitoring management for the observation of the status of all the equipment in the railway station such as alarms, emergencies, security, communication, among others.

3. Management of transactional records to obtain railway control data, ticket sales and billing, users, incidents, among other various operations.

4. Access management for users and administration of the various profiles and assignment of functions.

The plant team obtains data in real time, which it will send to the Reports team, in charge of generating graphs to be able to visualize them. For this purpose, an architecture based on a "queuing" system is used, which manages the attention of two types of registers in order of arrival: transactional (entries and exits through an automatic door, number of tickets sold, etc.) and monitoring (status changes of the equipment -for example, out of service, emergency mode- and alarms, among others). These logs are sent to the CC and the SC using ActiveMQ queues. Regarding the scope of operability, CC operates for the entire metro network, while SC operates for a single station.

This solution supports field equipment with Contactless technology and electronic devices such as electronic cards and tokens validated by radio frequency through contactless access control systems, ensuring their correct operation.

Our management: Implementation of development environments for the CORE system.
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Year: 2019
Technologies involved:
- ActiveMQ
- Cache Cluster
- GitFlow
- Open JDK V. 1.8
- Oracle SQL
- Wildfly V.8

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