PUPITRE on-board ticketing device

The project aims to implement the operating system of the PUPITRE on-board device. It is a ticketing team, which acts as an interface between the driver, the Control Center, the Operation Assistance System (SAE) – NAUTA and with on-board equipment such as the Contactless validator, installed in a public transport unit.

PUPITRE, is a multifunctional device, in charge of managing the sale, recharge and validation of transport tickets (manual charges), which has a processor that allows to manage sales, recharge and validation operations in a short time and efficiently, in addition to configure and collect data from external validators.

It has additional functions that allow you to display information to the bus driver. Through this system, they can set shifts, have information on origin and destination, route lines, stops, emergencies, unit status, security protocols, among other technical data available on board the unit and subsequently transmit them via Ethernet to the Nauta, who in turn will transmit to a Control Center in charge.

For the implementation of the PUPITRE operating system, a C ++ software has been developed, which makes this device a fundamental tool for the integration of rates and intermodal; It allows data update operations (rates, policies and titles, among others), and the incorporation of new functionalities. Optionally, PUPITRE has access to a GPS module with basic functionalities provided by SAE – NAUTA.

Among the benefits of this device, stand out the intuitive use of the console through a touch screen, and access to specific data regarding the operation of the unit, giving the driver the possibility of knowing the status of the unit during the journey, and notify the control center of any contingency that may occur.