Missile Warming Procesor

The project aims to develop the connector board and processor motherboard for missile detection in airborne systems. This processor is included within the MANTA system (Manpads, Threat, Avoidance) of DIRCM class (Directed Infrared Countermeasure) for self-protection of aircraft. It is based on an infrared (IR) laser, designed to counter terrorist attacks with guided infrared energy missiles of the MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense Systems) type. In addition, it is complemented by two other components: a laser and an optronic block.

MANTA automatically tracks and counters search engines, using its high-energy IR laser beam capable of blocking the guidance system of all types of IR missiles. To do this, it emits a beam that “hides” the IR of the plane, adjusting to a small and manageable system that can be installed on board any aircraft. This action is performed immediately after the Missile Warning System (MWS) reports that it has detected potential threats from enemy missiles.

Operationally, MANTA aims to detect missiles in their launch phase and divert it from its trajectory. This system is capable of responding to simultaneous attacks from several missiles, for this it has an effective countermeasure sequence that does not require prior identification of the type of attacking missile.

In this sense, the connector plate and motherboard interconnect all the communication interfaces of the system (receiving antennas and identification and alert of missile emissions), supporting all the equipment linked to it.