The project’s mission is the development and integration of an electronic defense system for submarines of the U-212 class. This system allows you to discover any active radar in your environment and is able to facilitate the tracking and identification of the broadcasting platform in real time. The U-212 are fifth-generation non-nuclear submarines with a highly advanced design. They can operate at high speeds with diesel power or with an AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) system for a quiet advance, in addition, they can remain submerged for about three weeks without the need to climb to the surface. These submarines do not present vibrations, are extremely silent and, therefore, virtually undetectable. The electronic defense system developed is goniometric and provides these submarines with capabilities to detect the angle of arrival of radar pulses generated by other platforms, their analysis and classification. It is a passive system that does not require radar emission, with which it is possible to “see without being seen”. This system allows to locate practically 100% of the signals, including the weakest and low probability of detection, has a high potential for information processing and is able to identify the distinctive electronic fingerprint of any type of radar. In addition, it offers the opportunity to record the collected data for later analysis. The technical challenges of the project include the development and updating of complex electronic equipment for the implementation of this system on the U-212 platform. These equipments are highly critical since it is part of the head of the system, among its main functions is the digitization, compression and processing of the different signals of the electronic defense system.