FDP (Flight Data Processing) – iCAS

The project is framed with the objective of integrating, validating and developing the Flight Data Processing System (FDP) of the iCAS Air Traffic Management System (iTEC Center Automation System). At a technical level, the framework and logic of project implementation (system execution as it is known) and customer adaptation (current regulations or comfort issues) are developed. The iCAS is an air traffic management system adapted to the requirements of DFS and LVNL based on iTEC (interoperability Through European Collaboration) technology, which constitutes the development of the next generation of air traffic control and systems in Europe. Its objective is to configure air control systems with common standards that can be compatible for the seven countries that make it up (Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania and Norway). For its part, the FDP is a support system that works with the flight plan data regarding the plane and its development in the airspace. The information stored in this system is updated in real time and is supported by events that identify the flight monitoring subsystem. Promptly, the FDP takes data from the aircraft controllers and acts as a contingent regarding problems that may arise during the execution of the flight; It is the one who warns the airspace controller of the conditions, context and risk situations. It is enabled, among other things, to manage and monitor flights in real time, couple and distribute data, manage interfaces and time reference systems (synchronized GPS), among others.