PSTS: New Eurofigther flight simulator

The project has the mission of developing the new version of the Eurofigther flight simulator software: the PSTS (Pilot Synthetic Training System), framed within the collaboration agreement between the Ministries of Defence of Germany and Spain that aims to evolve the Synthetic Training System and Eurofighter flight simulators. The PSTS, consists of a cabin (replica of the Eurofigther), instructor teams and operator teams. The objective is to provide the pilot, in training and/or at a practice course, with a simulator where he can be trained in situations similar to reality (maneuvers, operations, obstacles, friendly and enemy actions, etc.), without using a real aircraft and without posing a mortal threat to your security. The development of the PSTS is intrinsically linked to the improvements with which Eurofigther’s capabilities and performance have been reinforced, emphasizing those related to electronic defence systems, state-of-the-art avionics and the new CAPTOR-E radar. With respect to its predecessor, the ASTA (Aircrew Synthetic Training Aids), in the PSTS we find qualitative improvements such as, for example, the use of a single program that configures the part of the operator to create, generate and validate the scenarios and data simulated flights, which, unlike ASTA, used more programs for the same function. This is saving time, performance and efficiency for the same expected result.