The project consists in the manufacture, assembly, test and acceptance of AUTOPLAK equipment, complying with the contractual and legislative requirements of its commercialization places. In this sense, the quality of the product is controlled and assured following a set of applicable requirements, and under a quality management system for medical devices certified by ISO 13485. AUTOPLAK is a device that automates sample inoculation and streaking in order to improve efficiency in microbiology laboratories. It is a practical, versatile and easy to use device in any laboratory without the need to modify the processes or adapt the facilities. In addition, it guarantees total process reproducibility and increased laboratory productivity. Regarding the physical characteristics of AUTOPLAK, the device is 200 cm high and 185 cm deep, has a weight of 490 kg, is transportable and easily accessible. It has a Plug & play function, three levels of adaptation to laboratory needs: standard, advanced and full equipment. This automation system has been designed and manufactured by the Spanish company NTE-SENER HEALTHCARE, whose mission is to develop high-value engineering technologies in order to improve efficiency in microbiology laboratories.