Mast Sensors for Frigate F-110

The project aims to validate and integrate the X-Band Radar System of the integrated mast sensors of the new Spanish Navy frigate through the PROTEC F-110 R&D Program, which is developed by Indra and Navantia. An important part of the program is aimed at developing primary air and surface surveillance sensors, IFF (secondary radar), electronic defence systems (radar and communications band), ship protection contingency systems, Link 16 communications system. The program envisages all developed systems to be integrated with the SCOMBA combat system with Navantia patent. The design of the frigates complies with a specific requirement to operate in high intensity scenarios, with high capacity for war combat and deployment of war (emphasizing the profiles of force protection and the projection of naval power, against conventional and symmetric threats). The frigates have been thought to be versatile with respect to carrying out their tasks related to maritime security and civil protection. The X-Band Radar will integrate the different sensors of the ship and communication system modules in the same defence ecosystem, which will provide information for the detection of ships and airplanes at medium and long distance. The development of the sensors is intrinsically linked to a process and development of R&D, and cutting-edge technology has been incorporated that guarantees their optimal operation throughout the entire life cycle of the frigate.