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April 15, 2019

Radio Frequency Communication

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During the European Microwave Week 2018 meeting, new developments in complete radio frequency communication systems were presented, which is a transversal technology with applications for space and defense and air traffic control.

Among the main projects recently developed by Ad Maiorem in this field are the antennas and pointing mechanisms for the Solar Orbiter, BepiColombo, Juice and Euclid space missions; the high-capacity multi-band data link system for command and control networks and payment charges for unmanned vehicles, for air traffic control systems and for the European research center CERN.Through its team of consultants Ad Maiorem has made a presence in the development of these projects looking to the future Through the generation of innovative strategies that allow, on the one hand, to improve the efficiency of the mechanisms, and on the other, I will design the hardware of the high-capacity multiband link systems specifically dedicated to telemetry, remote control and control of application payloads in space missions. and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The latter (UAV) represent a sector with great projection into the future and to which high-tech companies in the Spanish territory aim to demonstrate their capacity for innovation and efficiency in a performance that allows them to obtain greater recognition and positioning with large manufacturers. of this field.

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