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March 14, 2019

Digital Terrestrial Television (TDT)

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A few years ago the analogue television system was changed to a digital terrestrial  (TDT), which has contributed a series of advantages like the higher exploitation of the wide strip, that allows the transmission of various channels in DVD quality, and a greater overall quality in images and sounds.

This digital transmission system has generated a cultural impact since it has revolutionized television by offering a wide variety of channels with diverse contents called multiprogramation.

Furthermore, one of the primary services of the TDT is allowing voice and data transmission, in addition to inclusive archives to every home. In order to guarantee that the quality of the signal in origin isn't depleted in its transit, it has recurred MPLS technology to allow the unicast and multicast transmission.

Our consultants intervene in the  management, maintenance, and constant evolution/innovation of the MPLS network for the TDT, with a technical point of view of higher standard, increasing its productivity and allowing the improvement of the quality and costs of the overall connections.

In these types of infrastructures our talents will keep on interviewing so that we can keep an always connected network, that is ready to increasingly come closer to the different contents that covers this digital world.
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